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Being a creative educator, Ellenor Epino Tierra thinks about education differently. Sure she has gone through the same programs as her colleagues, but her idea of preparation doesn’t end with just a teaching degree. She continuously thinks about another discipline with open thoughts constantly seeking improvement. She perfectly understands that learning styles vary from one individual to another, but she’s not intimidated by the pressure to meet the learning standards set by the institution and the national government, while in fact she is motivated to prove that real learning can happen despite any situation. She fervently believes that everyone has the potential to be creative teachers. Though there will always be pressure to structure learning in certain ways, she would manage to make a unique impact on her students and at the same time, she hopes that they will remember what they’ve learned from her--- not only from the textbooks but most importantly from the book called “Life”… Her teaching pedagogy evolves with visual concepts making them easy to understand. Her creative way of teaching encourages and improves understanding of self and a greater sense of confidence among her students. Being a creative educator as she is, Ellenor Epino Tierra inculcates in her methods of teaching her creative works which helps and encourages self and a greater sense of confidence among her students which also allows them to explore life and be inspired in learning.

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