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By CREATE Philippines
August 09, 2022

Martika Ramirez’s debut feature film Leonor Will Never Die (2022) premiered last January at the Sundance Film Festival. It received praise from the press— writes that it “establishes writer/director Martika Ramirez Escobar as an artist with a singular voice and bright future in halls of weird cinema”–and also won a Special Jury Prize for Innovative Spirit. With all the acclaim abroad, you'd expect all the fanfare would generate a demand for nationwide screenings, but so far it's been a struggle for the producers to show the film in the Philippines.

This short documentary is a video diary that chronicles what happens after you make the movie—what’s next after you’ve gotten accolades from the critics and awards from the big festivals. It chronicles a Filipino filmmaker facing the challenge of showing their film at home. In this exclusive clip for Create Philippines, Escobar ponders the unreality of filmmaking and why the final outcome for any film is always elusive.

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