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Your Playing Card Deck gets a Sustainable Twist

By Tricia Quintero
December 14, 2021

Love card games? Now there’s a way to take your love for playing card decks the sustainable way. Introducing Lokal Lab’s “Sustainable Island Playing Cards” where 57 local visual artists share their vision of a green Philippines to make up one deck.

“Each card shares an artist’s unique, alternative, and creative vision of sustainable islands in the Philippines, inspired by our islands’ ways of living, knowledge, and cultures– with a completely different outcome for each,” they said. “With a suit dedicated to each of Lokal’s pillars; education, livelihood, and culture, and the last suit dedicated to Lokal’s origin island of Siargao.”

Lokal Lab is a Siargao-based NGO that works with and supports local communities–particularly in Siargao–through sustainable projects with the goal of creating equal access to sustainable lifestyle and opportunities. 

The “Sustainable Island Playing Cards” is one of their fundraisers as 100 percent of the profit will be used to fund their ongoing projects. Some of which include Lokal Tabo, a marketplace aimed at making natural produce and sustainable options more accessible and affordable; Pasalo News Club, a journalism club for Siargao youth; Demo Farm, a training site of ecological agriculture primarily for Siargao farmers; and CocoLab, a research and development arm that spearheads finding innovative uses and applications for all parts of the coconut to augment coconut farmers.

The “Sustainable Island Playing Cards” deck costs P850. You may preorder online until December 12. Visit Lokal Lab’s Instagram to know more.

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