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Your New Favorite Lamp is One of Manila’s Heritage Structures

By Patricia Avila
February 15, 2022

Despite them losing some of their luster by being frequent (sometimes even yearly) stops on school field trips, the architectural marvels that found home in Metro Manila are definitely worth mentioning.

Now that things are opening up again, taking a mini field trip would be nice to revisit some sights that we might have not fully appreciated when we were younger, but it’s totally understandable if some of us are still a little iffy about heading out. But don’t worry—local fabrication studio Something by Delab Collaborative, Inc. makes it possible to keep a little piece of Manila in the safety of your room. 

Called the Archi Lamp series, Delab utilizes laser technology to intricately form lamps, with the help of the studio’s in-house intern architects, that light up to show engraved outlines of some of Manila’s most memorable landmarks in 2D miniature form.

Historic sites such as the newly-reopened Manila Metropolitan Theater, Fort Santiago gate, the National Museum of Natural History, and the Manila Cathedral are part of the selection, as well as old icons the Philippine Pavilion, featured at Osaka’s Expo 1970, and the demolished Manila Capitol Theater—a perfect way to remember the sight.

Standing at 6.75 inches tall and 6 inches wide, each outline is backlit by LED lights and held up by a wooden stand. Each lamp costs Php 950.00, complete with packaging.

You can order your own by sending them a private message on Facebook or Instagram.

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