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Artist Pepe Mendoza shares his Metal Works in Latest Exhibit

By Tricia Quintero
January 18, 2022

Metal in motion. This is the simplest way to describe Pepe Mendoza’s sculptures. His sculptures are always based on his everyday reality. They are made in mild steel and are from his originals, modeled in clay or wax, or carved in stone or plaster. His style flows, and his works are as passionate and expressive as himself.  

“I believe in the power of movement, which is why I added details and symbols of motion to bring out the meaning of my sculptures. These motions will tell their stories,” said Pepe.

His latest exhibit “Hinuha ng Karanasan” celebrates various characters in the Bible complemented by his experiences in life. “I want my sculptures to bring out the emotions of mankind, to tell their stories, and to show that each human is more than their stories. Inspired by the themes and characters from the Bible, I depicted the human sufferings, their joys, their sacrifices, their blessings,” he shared.

One of his standout pieces Hindi Lahat ng May Pakpak ay Nakatira sa Langit tells us that not all angels are in heaven, some of them are among us, in the form of our mother or father, friend, sister, brother, someone we love or someone who loves us. And this message transcends to you when you look at the piece. 

The Hinuha ng Karanasan exhibit ran from November 9-23, 2021 at Art Lounge Manila in Podium. To see more of the works from the exhibit, you may visit Art Lounge Manila on Instagram.

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