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Animahenasyon celebrated 15 years of recognizing Filipino animation

By Patricia Avila
November 19, 2021

It’s no secret that talented Filipino artists and animators have been continuous contributors to the successes of international entertainment giants. 

Companies such as Marvel and Cartoon Network have looked to Pinoy talent to bring their ideas to life, and many a reference to our culture has manifested itself on the big screen, with one of the more popular ones stemming from the Disney classic “Finding Nemo”: “P. Sherman” of 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, is a direct reference to the word “fisherman” spoken with a Filipino accent.

Yet, despite a wide range of aptitude and potential local artists carry, little can be said about the brand and identity of Filipino animation. In fact, the word “animation” doesn’t have a direct translation into any of our local dialects.

This is where the Animation Council of the Philippines comes in. In an effort to bridge this gap between talent, opportunity, and identity, over the past fifteen years the Animation Council of the Philippines—or ACPI—has held Animahenasyon, their annual flagship festival, in order to promote and celebrate the unique brand of talent Pinoys bring into the field of animation.

The festival, this year held online, not only aims to shine the spotlight on animated works by both veteran and novice Filipino animators, but also serve as a space to showcase and allow conversation between animators and animation-enthusiasts alike, as well as to encourage learning and discovery. 

For its 15th anniversary, this year’s Animahenasyon focused on the theme “Let’s Tell A Story,” and featured speakers from industry heavyweights such as DC Comics, Nickelodeon, and TED-Ed. 

A portmanteau of “animation” and “imahenasyon,” the first festival was held in 2005, and since then has continually cultivated, empowered, and helped grow the Philippine animation industry by providing an avenue for healthy competition, international recognition, and open conversation.

You can visit this interview with festival director Ricky Orellana to know more.

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