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2024 Fashion Trends: Top Runway Looks To Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe

By Arry Asiddao
January 29, 2024

The year 2023 was an eventful year for fashion, with TikTok and fashion shows both having a hand in shaping the next big trends. From bold and audacious looks like the micro shorts to more wearable aesthetics like Y2K and ‘quiet luxury’, the past year spelled out an interplay of nostalgia and eccentricity. The constant evolution of fashion and its easy accessibility on personalized ‘For You pages’ has motivated more individuals to experiment with diverse styles and embrace their individuality, ultimately discovering their own core.

While some of last year’s trends are likely to endure for a few more seasons, fashion editors have also started placing their bets on which new trends are going to take over in 2024 from the Spring/Summer 2024 runways. Cop some of the looks from Vogue’s 2024 fashion trends with these handpicked pieces that showcase the timeless creativity of Filipino designers and artisans.


Sheer Thing!

Suit up for spring with this airy white maxi dress that has just the right amount of sheerness. A key spring 2024 fashion trend, white dresses are also timeless, which makes them a sustainable addition to your closet. Featuring a V neckline and deep pockets, the Diwata Trapeze Dress is generously cut in a roomy silhouette for ease of mobility.

Diwata Trapeze Dress, Jill Lao


Open-Work Ahead

Who says you can’t mix form and functionality in fashion? Open-work clothing offers just that, as it not only adds an interesting texture to your look but also keeps you cool. Lace, mesh, and eyelets are all in, and if you want to hop on this trend, this intricately handwoven top is for you. This crochet top is made of 100% Philippine cotton and features a beautiful Abra inabel fabric detail.

Wovenwear Remix, TWINKLE * FERRAREN


Slash & Slay

Designers played around with the "coming undone" concept at the Spring/Summer 2024 shows, incorporating slashing and shredding techniques to add an edgy touch to their pieces. Channel this vibe and cut through the crowd with the Pennibon trousers that feature ribbons and cut-outs for the perfect mix of grunge and girlcore.

Pennibon trousers, STEPHVERANO


Aprons For Your A-Game

The influence of workwear on runway collections still holds strong, as evidenced by the appearance of aprons in fashion shows. Dip your toes into this trend and slip into the perfect picnic outfit with Anika’s Blanca mini dress. After all, nothing says summer like a loose linen dress with ribbon shoulder ties.

Blanca mini dress, Anika


Up Goes The Waistline

Just when you thought high-rise pants had gone out of style with the resurgence of 2000s low-waisted jeans in recent years, designers took it up a notch with ultra high-waisted trousers at the Spring/Summer 2024 runways. Sport this look with Dome pants by Bagasáo, consciously made with Japanese denim and cotton and finished off with handwork embellishments by Filipino artisans.

Dome pants, Bagasáo


Icarus, But Make It Fashion

Let 2024 be the year you chase after your goals with reckless abandon. Channel your inner Icarus (minus his eventual downfall) and dress for the occasion with these high-waist flared trousers with feathers that exude boldness and confidence. And if you fail, God forbid, at least you fail fashionably!

Flared feather trousers, STEPHVERANO


The Time for Roses

For the hopeful romantics out there, there is no better way to welcome spring than with rose-tinted glasses. Life is good and everything is beautiful, and the only thing missing is this statement bag to match your attitude. The Rosa bag in pearl white is crafted out of natural acacia wood with a lacquer finish, featuring an intricate hand-carved rose design that is sure to bring a touch of romance and elegance to any outfit.

Rosa White, Calli

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