Novice Magazine’s Special Issue ‘Haraya’ discusses the values of liberty and patriotism
BY Ivan Jethro Balagtas
November 28, 2023

Novice Magazine is an independent publication run by individuals who endeavors for a richer creative culture in the country. The magazine highlights emerging names in literature, arts, and other fields of creative pursuits by showcasing their talents in vivid prints and well-curated catalogs serving as galleries-on-hand for both artists and audiences to enjoy. 

For Novice’s sixth special issue, they reference the old Tagalog word Haraya which translates to “imagination” and add it with a subtitle Hilagpos sa Haba ng Tanikala. This issue does not shy away from the difficult topics of politics and social dilemma that are all too familiar in contemporary Philippines. Like the previous Novice issues, Haraya has spoken unfiltered truths from the panoramic perspectives of artists hailing from different parts of the country. This affords the bare and sharp nature of Novice and its selection of works.

“Haraya is our contribution in sparking dialogues and dissent, pushing necessary societal transformations.” Says the Novice team. “It is a living project that expresses our hopes and aspirations for this coming election and the future of our nation. Alongside these hopes is our duty to take a proactive stance on national concerns by being both receptive to and critical of the policies, programs, and reforms of the elected officials.”

The artworks are paired with the call to action to register to vote. This solidifies the undertones of liberty and patriotism that are prevalent all over the issue.

Read the full issue for free at

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