Manix Abrera Draws a Variant Cover for DC Comics’ Batman: The Knight
BY CREATE Philippines
November 29, 2023

Manix Abrera, known best for his long running local comics Kikomachine and News Hardcore, has been by DC Comics to draw a variant cover for Chip Zdarsky’s upcoming Batman: The Knight. The book, illustrated by Carmine di Giandomenico, is a new retelling of the Batman origin story, focusing on the young Bruce Wayne’s travels around the world following the death of his parents. 

This series will run for ten issues. In an interview with CBR, Zdarsky says that the series will be “incorporating previous tales with new adventures and showing the building toward Batman over time. It's about Bruce's youthful hubris, his developing confidence in his abilities, and most importantly him figuring out what he wants to do with it all.”

Of his variant, Abrera says that it is "inspired by alchemy's "philosopher's stone" - the transmutation of base metals into gold, wherein enlightenment is reached in distinct processes. Young Bruce undergoes the different stages of grief (written on his path to the temple) to be fully transformed into Batman. The temple symbolizes the bat cave (forming a Batman symbol on the chest of Batman silhouette)' while Lady Justice and his parents' Graves serce as a reminder for his ultimate purpose in life."

The variant will be available locally through Comic Odyssey, and in the USA exclusively through Sanctum Sanctorum Comics.

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