Digital Artist Paulina Almira on Creativity and NFTs
BY Tricia Quintero
November 28, 2023

Paulina Almira initially intended to build her career in fashion. After graduating from college and finishing a stint in a local fashion brand, Paulina packed her bags and moved to New York City to pursue further studies in fashion at the Parson School of Design at The New School. Eventually, she spent a year in the fashion industry. 

But that dream turned out to be short lived. “There was no way I could devote my life to the industry and expect to feel fulfilled. I do love clothes and dressing up and I still follow Fashion Week closely. I’m a very excited spectator, and I will always be, but I no longer feel the need to participate,” she shared in a feature with PURVEYR. 

Thus, her career as a freelance digital artist began.  Armed with inspirations she saw from Instagram and Twitter, she gave it a shot. And soon, she has amassed a following of her own and found herself in supportive online communities which have become a source of inspiration and information. It was through these communities that she first encountered the concept of non-fungible token or NFT. 

“An NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital asset. It can be anything–an image, video, GIF, or music. It’s traded via cryptocurrency, mostly Ethereum, and resides on the Ethereum blockchain,” she explained.

She has managed to sell her art with her loyal group of buyers all while balancing the new dynamic of artist-collector relationships she now navigates–a stark contrast to the designer-client relationships she was used to in the fashion industry. 

Read the full story by James Shrimski on PURVEYR here.

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