Collecting art and designing spaces with Alan Ancheta’s Fusion
BY Tricia Quintero
November 29, 2023

Throughout the course of the pandemic, Filipinos have resorted to various activities that can bring solace: becoming plant-lovers and home bakers/chefs, delving into interior design, and some developing a deeper connection with art and oneself, just to name a few.

Art collector Allan Ancheta marries the latter two in his first book, Fusion, launched on Manila FAME’s digital platform FAME+ last October 20. “Fusion is an exploration of arts, self, and environment,” says Ancheta. The book takes the readers to the wonders of appreciating and collecting art pieces and tailoring one’s collection into one’s abode.

It provides advice on art and interior design and showcases artworks by Filipino artists featured in his own The Cabinet at Canterbury, an art gallery that he, together with his wife Jas, built in their home. The artists featured represent the diversity of our local art scene.

Hailing from different disciplines and backgrounds, among the artists included are Ben-Hur Cabana, mentee of accomplished painter and printmaker Romulo Olazo; Khristina Manansala, granddaughter of legendary cubist painter Vincent Manansala; and Nixxio Castrillo, son of Eduardo Castrillo.

“In learning more about the lives of the local artists and the contexts of their art, we go beyond what we see and gain a deeper appreciation of their work. This is a crucial step for those who wish to start their own collection. One’s environment also plays an important role, as these artworks bring spaces into life and can transform a place into a cabinet of curiosities,” he adds.

As he gives readers guidelines on collecting, he places great emphasis on choosing pieces that speak to you while also complementing the color and form of your space. “Most of the artwork displayed in the gallery [The Cabinet at Canterbury] reflects a possibility of expressing personal tastes and preferences, but also serves as a possible complement to a room design option,” he says.

From pieces of advice on collecting, design pointers, a deeper appreciation of Filipino art and artists, and even the transformative role of art in one’s life, Fusion is an essential book for art collectors, enthusiasts, aspiring curators, and designers alike.

You may purchase a copy of Fusion at

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